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PostSubject: JTAG QUESTIONS   Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:24 pm

You have arrived at this section where you fill your interest into a modified console that runs unsigned .xex and launches your imagination across the modding world.

A JTAG console simply launches modified files that won't be launched on a normal Xbox or, in other words, a retail console.

The general features of a JTAG:

1. Launching unsigned .xex
2. Allows homebrew programs such as SNES360
3. Changing the NAND and allowing it to boot from adjustments
4. Changing KVs
5. You can edit and mod anything
6. Allows console to go online with mods
Way more "descriptive details" can be put in, but not needed for this.


Is it true that you can launch a game with out the disc?

- You can launch a game without a disc, you would need to install the game through XeXMenu, XeXLoader, or simply rip and transfer the .ISO to the Hard Drive or External Hard Drive.

What is a .ISO?

- An .ISO is a file containing the game data, it is normally about 7.05gb. This is what you would write to a blank disc for burnt games.

What is an external Hard Drive?

- A external hard drive is a hard drive connect to your Xbox 360. The purpose of the external hard drive is to put all of your games on it to save room for the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Why when I open my .ISO file, why do I see only 2 folders with a video?

- You need to open the .ISO file correctly, you would either use Modio .ISO opener or WX360 which opens the .ISO file and shows you all the files inside. The video files you see is the message you get when you insert the disc in the wrong console. "Please put in Xbox 360...."

How do you mod the .xex files? Exactly, what are .xex files?

- A game ripped to the desktop or downloaded will have a file called default.xex and ,if multiplayer is included, default_mp.xex. These are what we call the "key" to launch the game. These file contain all the of the checks to allow proper boot to prevent hacks.

What do you mean by checks?

- There are numerous files in the .ISO, the developers ensure the prevention of modding files by checking the files for modifications. For example, Modern Warfare 2 has .ff checks and ,the default_mp.xex, will check to make sure it hasn't been changed or altered in anyway. If it has, it won't boot.

How do you prevent the .xex from checking for altered files?

- A very hard process of removing the checks are done through a program called IDA PRO. You need the knowledge of PPC Assembly and removed all these checks.

How do you launch the modded game?

To launch a game ripped to the Xbox or from the PC, you would need a program called XeXMenu or XeXLoader. This will allow the game to launch once you click on the "default.xex or default_mp.xex"

If you are interested in modding, you should definently download a program, CORE, created by my team. You can download any files if you messed them up, remember that it is still a work in progress.
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