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Activision Bans
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PostSubject: Read Before Posting   Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:30 pm

Posting 10th Prestige/Unlock All/Golden Desert Eagle Topics
There are too many 10th prestige topics being posted. Enough to make the Chain Of Command feel like they need to start drinking heavily and plant M18A1 Claymore mines all around the nearest shopping mall. The only place for you to post a topic about a 10th Prestige/Unlock All lobby is in the 10th Prestige Forum
If you post it outside of the proper forum we will take the following steps
1. Your topic will be deleted (anyone that posts in your topic will loose their posts)
2. You will take a short vacation from here. (if you create a second account you will be perma-banned)
3. If you do it repeatedly you will be perma-banned

"Invite me" Topics
STOP POSTING "Invite me to a lobby". Its very annoying and clogs up the forums. If you post such a topic the same items will happen to you (look above). This is not the way to get into a lobby.

KV Topics
With more people gaining the skill to build and use a JTAG the subjects of KV's have been popping up more and more. These are becoming as annoying as the 10th lobby topics. We are now going to use the same rules on these types of topics as we use on the 10th/Unlock all Lobby Topics "See above"

1. NO profanity. By this, we mean that there is to be no bypassing of the censored words of the forum and that every other word that is considered profane is prohibited.

2. No personal attacks on other members of the forum.

3. There is to be no embedding of violent or pornographic pictures or videos.

4. Racial slurs are prohibited.

5. Piracy links are to be kept to private messages.

6. Debating is encouraged, however flaming is not allowed.

The rules mentioned below apply to the Forum and its posts.

1. Posts need to stay on topic or the thread will be locked.

2. There are to be NO alternate accounts. One account per person. This can and will be monitored.

The rules below apply to the Shoutbox.

1. The Shoutbox cannot have censors, so any vulgar or profane words that are not ****’d out will result in a warning. If the actions continue, it will result in a 48-hour ban from the Shoutbox.

All rules listed above that are broken will result in restrictions, and if the actions then continue the administration reserves the right to ban the individual or group of people that are breaking the rules.

If you violate any information contained in those links, the forum rules or this announcement you are GONZO. This is your 1st warning
If you do decide to enter into a transaction with anyone from here please read the following

The staff and owners of ACTIVISION are not responsible for any negative results that you incur from any transactions or dealings that you enter into. This is to include, but not limited to: financial loss, XBL suspension, personal console banning and MSP loss. This is a public forum and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that any agreements that you enter into are for your benefit. You enter into all transactions by your own free will and, by doing so, are responsible for your own actions.
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Read Before Posting
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