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 Dont Trust Scammers

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PostSubject: Dont Trust Scammers   Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:47 pm

We, here at Activision, believe it is our duty to do our utmost to try to educate our members in the hope that they will not fall victim to this scam. All of our games are legit and will continue to be so. If you go outside ofActivision to try to get into one of these games please be careful. Remember that it takes specific hardware, software and knowledge to perform the 10th prestige “Mod”. The number of people that have all three is very small in number. Below are some simple rules to follow.

O T W BOYS words of wisdom – “If you use common sense you can’t be scammed”

1. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.
2. If they claim to be from ACTIVISIONor have Activision in their GT It does not mean that they are even a member or a honest person. Get their Rank, username to verify. If it turns out that they are a member and try to scam you please let us know and we will ban them.
3. If they do not have 10th prestige themselves, then that could be a good indicator that they are going to scam you.
4. Ask in one of the Activision Shout Boxes to see if anyone has had dealings with the person that is promising 10th prestige.
6. Ask to get into a party with them and ask them some questions, such as:
a. What else do they mod?
b. What websites do they post on?
c. What specifically do they do to obtain 10th prestige?
This will give you an indicator of who they are. If they try to avoid your questions or if they are just hostile towards you, take this as a bad sign.
7. Be vigilant, it’s better to pass up a possible opportunity then to take the chance of getting scammed out of your hard earned MS Points or cash.
9. A pretty good way to check is to have one of your friends here with the 10th pretige already to go into their game. Because they already have the prestige they cannot benifit from any of the XP. By having a person with it already they can check and verify if the game is legit. It should not matter to the people that made the lobby because that person has it already. I would insist on this, if they say no then they probably are scammers

Update 1 MAR 2010
There are several people out there saying that they are a member of the Chain Of Command. If you encounter one of these people and want to verify if thy are legit feel free to PM me.
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Dont Trust Scammers
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